About Us

This institute has been started in the educationally and industrially backward district of Narayanpur in order to fulfil the objective of providing qualitative technician education to the local and regional students at a nominal fee.

Financial assistance is provided to the students of economically weakened classes, which includes exemption from tuition fees, and also scholarships and distribution of freebie books are provided under the book bank scheme. They are also provided with measuring instruments like calculators, instrumentation boxes and other stationary.

Right to Information:

Right to information Act 2005 is applicable in the institute; whose ex-officio for public information officers are principal and first appellate authority is the Director of Technical Education, Naya Raipur.

Teachers Training programme: To enhance and update the teaching skills of teachers; training programme is imparted time to time by the NITTTR, Bhopal (an institute of national importance).

Student Union Election: As per University norms; student union is formed in the institute by conducting student union election every year.

Lok Seva Guarantee Act 2011: Lok Seva Guarantee Act 2011 is enacted in the institute; according to which there is elucidation of applications regarding branch interchange in the institute and there is provision for remuneration of all types of refunds to the students from time to time. Furthermore, issuing of transfer and character certificate to the students and there is also provision to resolve all the proceeding of disabled person in less time duration in comparison to time duration fixed for other general people.