Financial assistance and other aid for students

  1. Merit scholarships and merit-cum-means scholarships of Rs. 600/-per month for general and OBC students.
  2. Free of cost, special coaching, drawing materials, and stationery items are being given to secluded tribe (ST) and secluded caste (SC) students. Apart from this, books are also provided to the students under the 'Book Bank Scheme'.
  3. The "Tribal Welfare Department" of C.G. is providing one scholarship per month to the students belonging to this category according to the arrangements laid down by the "Ministry of Tribal Welfare". At present, a scholarship of Rs.230/-per month is given to SC & ST students and Rs.190/-per month to OBC students. Students belonging to this category whose mother/father/guardian has an annual income of Rs 2.50 lakh can get a full concession on their tuition fee.
  4. OBC students whose mother/father/guardian have an annual income of 1 lakh or less than 1 lakh can get a 100% concession on their tuition fee.
  5. Provision of Rs. 500/-per month scholarship for B.P.L cardholder students.
  6. Under the "Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme", those students admitted to 5% supernumerary seats branch wisely can't have to pay the tuition fee. Merit is based on the rank secured in the entrance exam.
  7. absolute concession on tuition fees for all girl students.
  8. Under "C.G. Yuva Suchna Kranti Yojana", a free computer tablet is being distributed to all final-year pursuing students.
  9. "Mukhya Mantri Uchh Shiksha Rinn Anudan Yojana"
    1. Native (Indigenous) students of Bastar and Surguja division can get maximum interest free education loan of Rs.4 lakh ; whose family income is less than 2 lakh per annum.
    2. Students from other divisions whose parents/guardians' annual income is Rs.2 lakh or less than Rs.2 lakh can get a maximum education loan of Rs.4 lakh at 1% interest rate.